The still unexplored Romania in the new video Yamira feat. Mattyas ,,Waterfalls”

Metropolitan Records presents Yamira’s first single, ,,Waterfalls” in collaboration with Mattyas.

Yamira aka. Ispas Andreea Florentina has been in showbiz since the age of 7. She studied singing, modern and classic dancing and currently owns a modeling agency. In 2014, she met Mattyas at the Metropolitan Records studios, where they prepared the launch of her first single. The video „Waterfalls” is shot in some of the most beautiful places in Romania: the Bigar waterfall, Slimnic fortress near Sibiu and the love tunnel, from Caransebes area.

„This is my first video and I’m very happy with how it came out. We shot in many gorgeous places, full of mystery, which perfectly rounded up the atmosphere of the song.” Yamira told us.

About working with Yamira, Mattyas told us: „I saw in Yamira the same determination and enthusiasm that I had at the beginning of my career and which I have every time I prepare a new song. The song „Waterfalls” has a positive energy which I have also found in the places we shot the video. I recommend you to discover these places unique in Romania and still unexplored in Romania, where I cannot wait to come back myself.”

Music is composed by the guys from Deepside Deejays and the lyrics are written by Andrei Leonte, you can watch the video here: